EMSR / electrical installations

The EMSR / electrical installation team is a competent and reliable partner for electrical, measurement and control installations.
It assumes responsibility for the maintenance and servicing of process engineering systems and seeks individual planning solutions for projects of all kinds and in almost all sectors, with the demand for economic efficiency, safety and quality of execution.

Project organisation:

  • Scheduling and resource planning
  • Cost calculation and cost monitoring

Construction site management:

  • Construction and contractor coordination
  • Assembly supervision

Your contact persons

Our services in overview:



  • Maintenance and servicing of process plants
  • EMSR work during plant shutdowns
  • EI&C installation (route construction, cable pulling, equipment installation)
  • EI&C maintenance of various plants (framework contract partner)
  • Loop check and commissioning
  • Explosion protection in accordance with the ATEX directives (BetrSichV)


  • Project management and site supervision
  • EI&C installation of the customer's plants
  • Delivery and installation of all components
  • Quality assurance
  • Loop check and commissioning


  • Project management and site supervision
  • EMSR installations (route construction, cable pulling, connection work)
  • Planning, delivery and installation of industrial and safety luminaires
  • Quality assurance
  • Loop check and commissioning of all systems