Pumping station hat trick at Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf

Work on the Eintrachtstraße pumping station in Düsseldorf was only successfully completed at the beginning of 2022. With this good performance, ETABO has convinced and now achieved a flawless hat trick!

Netzgesellschaft Düsseldorf mbH has placed its trust in ETABO for 3 projects at the same time for the necessary work in the context of the ongoing network expansion and the resulting increased demands on its district heating network.

First of all, the contract was awarded for the modernisation of the 60-year-old pressure boosting system for the district heating system on Vagedesstraße, which is to be carried out and completed in 2023. Directly afterwards, we received the orders for the new construction of 2 district heating pumping stations at Victoriaplatz and Schillerplatz with a throughput of 1,100 cubic metres of district heating water per hour, which will be started in winter 2023 and completed in the first half of 2024.

Very important and already fixed in the schedule: The above-ground construction site facilities must be cleared before the start of the European Championships!

ETABO's scope of supply includes the detail engineering as well as the delivery and installation of all equipment (e.g. pumps, pipelines and fittings, EI&C, ventilation equipment).

ETABO is thus positioning itself on the market as a plant engineering expert for the construction of district heating facilities, such as decoupling, transmission and storage of heat as well as booster plants, and is thus making a significant contribution to the reduction of emissions through the use of waste heat.


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