ETABO meets Ruhruniversität Bochum

ETABO meets Ruhruniversität Bochum

Within the master degree course “Sales Engineering & Product Management” Matthias Plaga (Project Manager Pipeline Construction) and Dr. Philipp Stüer (Director Project Business) held the digital lecture “Organization of the Service Provision”.

More then 50 students of the RUhruniversität Bochum have followed the presentation of theory about the service provision with additional link to daily practices in ETABO´s business.

The challenges a project manager is being faced throughout the organization of service provision have been explained based on real business examples. Within the following exercise the students have tried to switch into the perspective of the project manager. Teams of students have elaborated and presented results which have been commented by Matthias Plaga.

Even if the lecture took place via digital communication there was several feedback and interaction.

Professor Pöppelbuß and our speakers are looking forward towards the next lecture!