Apparatus/tank/heat exchangers

We offer you the possibility of design, strength calculation and a fully comprehensive design for the maintenance and service of heat exchangers, condensers, storage tanks and much more!

We are glad to apply our expertise in consulting, planning, engineering, manufacturing, delivery and installation for your project.

We carry out technically sophisticated repairs of oil and air coolers, evaporators, condensers, air and water preheaters as well as HP and LP preheaters for you on schedule.

Our complete service includes:

  • Dynamic process engineering and optimisation
  • Thermodynamic design of heat exchangers
  • Complete re-tubing of condensers
  • Condition and damage analyses
  • Comprehensive service for bundles / heat exchangers

We process the following materials:

  • Stainless, acid- or heat-resistant steels
  • Nickel-based materials
  • Nickel, copper, titanium, aluminium and all corresponding alloys
  • zirconium
  • Low-temperature-resistant, low-alloy and heat-resistant C-steels


Whether for power plants of any kind, chemical or industrial plants - everything is manufacturer and brand-independent!

Relevant references in various fields stand for many years of experience in dealing with complex tasks.

All services are carried out by us on your site.


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