ETABO and ELIMU to help orphan children in Tanzania

ETABO and ELIMU to help orphan children in Tanzania

“ETABO helps owners of industrial plants to run their pants efficient, safe and resource gentle. Our understanding is to be an innovative problem solver, which looks for a new way to work in traditional industries with high quality standards.“

This is our self image, this is what customers and partners say, and this is the usual way we communicate about ETABO. But this is not the whole story.
In first line we are human beings, who are striving to make this world a better place together with others. For this reason we decided to support ELIMU.

Who is ELIMU?

ELIMU is the Kiswahili word for education. Our colleague Stefan got in touch with ELIMU through facebook and instantly loved the dedication of the people.

ELIMU are 65 people, who work voluntary to support and encourage orphans in Tanzania. The members are building orphan houses, kindergardens, schools and other facilities locally for children, which lost their parents for some reason and who are completely on their own. You can get more information on Facebook, Instagram or the website

How does ETABO help?

A great number of employees has decided to support the project with monthly donations. ETABO as a company adds the same amount as donated by individuals and by that doubles the sum.

What happens with the money?

The money donated by ETABO´s employees is used 100% for building a new orphan village in Tanzania. In ELIMU you will not find any salaries or administrative costs deducting the donations.

We hope you like our idea. If you have any questions regarding ELIMU or ETABO don´t hesitate to contact Stefan Erkelenz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0049 234/5067 112)

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