Largest order for ETABO heat exchanger manufacturing

Largest order for ETABO heat exchanger manufacturing

ETABO´s heat exchanger manufacturing located in Langenfeld has received the largest single order in it´s existence.

Two vapor coolers, each 6 m long with a diameter of 1 m, will be manufactured for a coking plant in the Ruhr area. Based on the special ingredients of the vapor the 266 heat exchanger tubes, diameter 38 x 5 with a length of 5.000 mm as well as almost all other parts of the cooler will be made of ALU 99,5.

The cooler is subject to mandatory acceptance by the TÜV Rheinland.
All weldings will be x-rayed.

“This order is not only due to the volume, but because of it´s technical complexity a real challenge”, site manager Hans Joachim Schulz and manufacturing manager Friedhelm Szalek mutually agree, “especially the aluminium weldings are very ambitious and have prooved to be a real competitive edge for us. “

Realization will be finished Q1 2019.

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