ETABO employees out first agile labor agreement in effect

ETABO employees out first agile labor agreement in effect

On friday, 28.09. a new chapter has been opened. After 6 month of discussion and adjustment with all colleagues, a task force, voluntarily built out of the middle of all employees, finished the labor agreement 01 “working hours and working locations”. The result was presented by the task force speaker Sven Holzapfel during a stand up meeting and directly signed by workers council and management. The agreement settles, how Etabo´s employees can choose free and totally self-determined working hours and working locations. It is important, that this happens self coordinated without any approval process and is based on individual responsibility towards colleagues and customers.

Since January ETABO dealt with the idea of an agile transformation of the enterprise. In may the realization started with a workshop for all employees of the Bochum headquarter in the “Unperfekthaus” in Essen.

“The labor agreement 01 is a sign clearly visible to everyone, how serious we are about the idea of “self determined labor”. We signed the agreement as management without even knowing the content. Our colleagues know much better, how and where they prefer to work and we are absolutely convinced, that everyone will handle our trust with adequate care”, managing director Nicolas Korte comments.

Along with this agreement another task force has put “advanced training and personal development” to a new level using KanBan boards for all employees, a third group deals with design and configuration of workspace.

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