ETABO goes Design Thinking

ETABO goes Design Thinking

In a cooperation with the Ruhr Universität Bochum ETABO Energietechnik und Anlagenservice GmbH enters into the Design Thinking methodology. When real business cases from companies were casted for a faculty–comprehensive seminar ETABO stepped in with the question, how to develop a business model out of the ETABO 4.0 3-D printing initiative.

Two groups of students dealed with this matter and examined the question totally customer-centric. Already the first in between discussions, which were held including ETABO`s responsible Mirco Gantenberg as well as Dominik Halm from ETABO´s partner Ruhrsource ( ) , proved how different the matter can be looked upon and raised the eagerness for the final presentation of results in July.

“Win-Win-Win”, Nicolas Korte, ETABO´s managing director states, „ students get a real life example, which they can discuss with a company, our employees are introduced to new methodologies of finding creative solutions and ETABO might get a valid business case in the end. You can´t expect to get more from such a cooperation.”

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