ETABO introduces new compensation grate bar ETABOflex

ETABO introduces new compensation grate bar ETABOflex

The firing grate department of ETABO Energietechnik und Anlagenservice Gmbh introduces ETABOflex – a new development incorporating a number of advantages in one solution.

Objectives for the development of the compensation grate bar have been complex and technologically demanding :

- Relocation of the grate´s temperature expansion from the rim of the grate run to it´s center
- Applicability of the technology to different grate and grate-layer solutions, i.e. independency from OEM
- Reduction of time to exchange grate layer of 50 %
- No restriction of availability and warranty compared to common design

All this has been achieved with ETABOflex. “This new design for air cooled grate bars enables a time saving between 30 – 50 % for exchange. Beside different other advantages revision periods can be cut down significant, the work can be simplified and also from the view of health and safety the execution of works on site can be made much safer”, Werner Hansen, head of grate service states. “The application of the technology to water cooled grates is in progress, but we will add another significant advantage to it”, Abby Rudolph, responsible developer adds.

After a new sealing technology Etaboflex is the second new development in the area of grates form ETABO.

For further information you can contact: Werner Hansen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / tel. 02173 847591-16)

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