Customer Experience using VR–Technology

Customer Experience using VR–Technology

Due Date 22.03.2018 – ETABO´s apprentices and young employees guided customers virtually through their plant for the first time.

Using the „live“ 3-D Modell it was possible to discuss the status of the plant after the revamp in detail, which currently is in planning. At the same time there was plenty of opportunity to discuss with our customers, who never before had any experience like this, where the technology will be heading at in the future and what their expectations about collaboration with ETABO using this technology look like.

Special recognition was given to the fact, that it is a self dependent project of ETABO´s young employees, namend ETABO 4.0, happening totally outside the official orgschart.

„Our intention is to open the door towards a digitalized future step by step, make it a customer experience in order to design future business together. The ETABO 4.0 project and the engagement of our youngest employees is by design the basis for all activities in this field. Considering the manner, in which the group represented as well ETABO as themselves, there is no need for us to see Industry 4.0 as a threat for this company“, ETABOS educaton manager Klaus Peter Rupinski and managing director Nicolas Korte agree upon.

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