Apprentice´s parents visit ETABO

Apprentice´s parents visit ETABO

In January ETABO invited their apprentice´s parents, to get to know the company and their children´s workplace. More than 20 participants are living proof for a huge interest, to fill the stories told at home with pictures.

The first part of this experience was designed by the apprentices alone by guiding their parents through the whole company and demonstrating the ETABO 4.0 activities such as 3 D printing and VR at their workspace. After that everybody met in a convenient „coffe and cake“ meeting with coach Klaus-Peter Rupinski, head of engineering Florian Beerwerth and managing director Nicolas Korte to share ideas about ETABO and ask questions.

„Parents and educating company are community of shared interest. Both parties have the interest, that young people entrusted to us receive a highly qualified education and gain a perspective for the future. Our clearly stated objective, that our education motivates all apprentices to go for another degree like technician or bachelor subsequently to the apprenticeship, needs the support from the parents and this is exactly what we are targeting at today“, Nicolas Korte started as introduction to this new formate.“ The usual fracture with parents knowing everything about their children´s environment in school and knowing nothing from a personal approach during apprenticeship or studies does not necessarily need to be and also is obstructive from our point of view.“
As everybody was completely happy with the afternoon, it will be a fixed element of ETABO´s annual schedule.

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