ETABO receives subsidies financed by European Social Fund

ETABO receives subsidies financed by European Social Fund

ETABO Energietechnik und Anlagenservice GmbH receives funds for consultancy on potential of digitalisation. The subsidies are approved by the regional business development agency and the Department of labour, integration and social affairs of the state NRW and origin from the European Social Fund.

Within the consultancy ETABO´s employees together with the specialists from Weber & Strotmann ( will investigate, in which of ETABO´s business areas processes can be digitalized and where to find new business models referring to Industry 4.0 solutions.

„Right from the initial point we want to start with an employee-centric approach, in which not the management rules, where and how to digitalize, but in which the employees in self organized groups and in terms of an agile organisation take responsibility for further developments. It is extremely important to us, to not limit the decisions on available technological solutions, but in particular to include employees, organisation and the role of leadership in the discussion.
At this point we want to especially thank the Business development agency Bochum as well as the Regional agency Mittleres Ruhrgebiet for their active and engaged committment in supporting us to receive this subsidies“, ETABO´s managing directors Alexander Kluge and Nicolas Korte agree upon.

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The collaborative training of our technical product designer is sponsored by

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