555 days without accident

555 days without accident

It happened in October, employees of ETABO Energietechnik und Anlagenservice GmbH had worked for 555 days without notifiable work accident.

In favour of this record construction and workshop employees received a correspondently branded towel.

„Safety is a decisive criterium for our customers. It´s top priority for us to have every employee healthy at home every day after work. We offer extensive educations, we train, we instruct on site and we talk open about and free about misbehaviour. Now it has been time to appreciate this outstanding record with a giveaway. 555 days without accident is definitely not self-evident and everyboody shall be aware of this“, ETABO´s safety advisor Ralf Juskowiak explains.

ETABO just has been recertified with the seal of qualiy „Safety with System" from the mutual indemnity association.

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