ETABO 4.0 awarded as „Lighthouse-Project“ from WVIS

ETABO 4.0 awarded as „Lighthouse-Project“ from WVIS

The project ETABO 4.0 has been awarded as "Lighthouse-Project" from the Trade association Industrial service ("WVIS").

Within the project ETABO´s young employees deal with three important future topics :

  • Industry 4.0 – development of 3-D Printing methods for ETABO´s businesses
  • Skills shortage – how to create an interesting working environment for young employees and how to encourage their personal development
  • Generation Z – future expectations on the job

Lighthouse projects are nominated yearly by WVIS, evaluating, which projects serve efficiency and sustainability to a very high degree. As it is a big concern of WVIS to express, that the industrial service sector supports production efficiency and sees himself as motor and innovation driver for all industries, the selection of Lighthouse projects is of outstanding significance.




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