Frame agreement with EnBW prolongated

Frame agreement with EnBW prolongated

Already in late September, which means 6 month before expiration of contract EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG prolongates the frame agreement with ETABO Energietechnik und Anlagenservice GmbH for maintenance work in all their fossile fired plants initally signed in March 2014 for another 3 years.

The contract includes the sites PP Altbach-Deizisau, PP Heilbronn (incl. locations Heilbronn, Walheim and Marbach), PP Karlsruhe and PP Stuttgart (incl. locations Stuttgart-Münster and Stuttgart-Gaisburg) and covers the components:

- wet ash extractors, burners and ducts, flue gas ducts, ash transport systems, REA, rake- and sieving devices etc.

- Grates

- Pressure parts (Boiler and HP-Pipelines)

- HP-preheaters

- LP-Preheaters, district heating heaters

- Condensers

- Air and gas preheaters

„In the past two and a half years we could prove, that we are a reliable partner and can fullfill the expectations of all sites. Even though some work at different sites can be called from more than one supplier, it is still a great success for the team members involved, which have shown awesome commitment. We want to thank EnBW for the excellent collaboration," Georg Pfisterer, Head of Etabo´s branch office South and Fred Kremer, Head of Service Department, agree upon.


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