Another year free of accidents

Another year free of accidents

For the third time within the last five years ETABO managed to stay completely free of notifiable accidents for a whole year!

With a wide range of measures, including extensive trainings, a 100% quota of first responders and safety representatives among the assembly personnel, education and certification of another occupational safety specialist, mandatory use of safety googles and a new registration system for near-misses it was possible to reach the zero-accidents mark in the last 12 months.

"With this achievement we proofed that our previous successes concerning occupational safety had sustainable effects and weren´t just a "flash-in-the-pan"", Ralf Juskowiak, ETABO´s occupational safety officer proudly explains. "Special thanks go to our employees that actively followed our intentions, but also to the BG (professional association) that supported us intensively and awarded ETABO with the quality seal „Sicherheit mit System" (Safety with System)."

"Once the zero-goal is reached there is no way to slow down" Fred Kremer, head of the service and installation department instantly adds. "In 2017 we added new topics like „fall protection and rescue from big heights" to our agenda to counteract any form of creeping negligence caused by perceived routine by setting specific stimulus points".

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